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  Tips for your Golf Course Web Site 

Your Website    -    Home Page    -    Essential Pages
Optional Pages    -    Satisfaction    -    Private Course

Your Website is another marketing resource for your business.  The Golf Course Website is fast becoming the most important advertisement you will buy. Your Golf Course website is a permanent 24/7 advertisement that will give the viewer their first impression of your facility. The availability of information about your course on the website will also reduce the time spent on the phone providing information to people who may or may not visit your course. The more a person learns about your course, in the comfort of their home or office the more comfortable about your course they become. The information will also fend off those who might not be satisfied with the services you provide or rather, do not provide, sending them elsewhere. It will inadvertently increase the satisfaction level of those who do grace your course. Satisfied customers provide free word-of-mouth advertising to others.

Home Page: On the first page, tell a little about the Course. Use distinguishing features. Include the number of holes and the course par. Plainly tell whether it is a municipal, private, or public golf course. You want to draw those into your site that might be interested while being courteous to those who may not. Giving the right information will do both. Provide just enough information on the first page to entice them into your site or allowing them the decision to move on saving their time and energy. The latter is more so to happen with a Private Golf Course website.
If your Golf Course has a 'pro-shop' you would want to mention it as well and if the golf course is private but the shop is open to the public you will want to state that as well. Also state whether or not there is food available such as, your restaurant, snack shop, vending machines or other nearby restaurants (if you have no eating facilities). A simply statement “Restaurant Page” then linking to that page would suffice. See the ‘Restaurant Page’ paragraph below.
Links to your map and your pro shop pages should be on that front page as well, unless, yours is a private golf course. (A map is a must have!) The private course may have other needs and goals and may not necessarily need all these suggestions.

Essential Pages:  Contact, Map/Directions, Tee Times/Prices, Course Map, Score Card, Golf Shop, Restaurant and an About page.

On the Contact Page, list all your contact information including the link and Phone number to the Golf Shop. The contact page may also double as the Map/Directions page.

The Map/Directions page should always include a map or a link to a map. With Mapquest, Google Maps, or Bing Maps the resources for providing a map are too many to ignore.  You can link to a page that shows your location or embed the map result in your page. Some will simply copy and paste (Show originating site URL for proper credit) the map or make up a map of their own to show nearest highway or main street in and out of town.

The Tee Times/Prices page may also contain the course's Score card and/or course map.

The Course Map helps the viewer to get a feel for the course. The Tee times/prices and/or the Score Card may be included on this page.

The inclusion of the Score Card informs the viewer of the relative difficulty or ease of the different holes and the overall par of the course/courses. You might go into the specifics of each hole on this page or another. Some will include the Score Card on the Map/Directions page or the Tee Times/Prices page. I favor the Tee Times/Prices page or its own page.

On a Golf Shop page it should be made clear whether your Pro-shop is at the course, on-line, or both.  I've seen some where it said online but was there a Shop at the course? I do not know.  Perhaps it is; maybe not. Post the phone number on the Golf Shop page even if it is the same as the main Golf Course number. You want to be reached and not lose a customer who lost interest looking for your phone number.
Keep your prospective customers close to home. When you do not have a golf-shop, have a page to list the nearest golf shops.

The Restaurant page will tell of your eating facilities. This page should state whether your restaurant is open to the public or for members only. Tell where the vending machines are kept when you do not have eating facilities. When you do not have a restaurant, snack shop or vending machines, you will use this page to show the nearest restaurant or restaurants to your location. On the home page only mention what is available, there is no need to say what you do not have.

The About page will tell a little about the course; date established; very brief history; important tournaments that have been held at the course and even VIPs that have graced the course. The more a person learns about a course in the comfort of their home or office the more intrigued they may become.

Optional Pages:  History, Reciprocal Links, Contests, Specials, Clubs, Local Link page or for other purposes.

A History Page is always interesting. When there are historical golf figures or others involved the viewer may be enticed to try the site because of the names mentioned.

A Reciprocal Link Page is useful in boosting your website in the search engines. The more links between like-sites the higher the sites come up in the search results.  Do not increase the Reciprocal links by more than 10 to 15 a month to avoid the search engines computing a large increase to be mechanically produced and knock your site out of the results. Begin by linking back to - Washington Golf Courses - Let us know when you link to us and we will make the name of your listing bold. Just email Hancock @ - No Spaces.

A Contest page (Tournament Page) would list past contests, show the last contest and who won (get pictures), and/or tell of the next or current contest/contests/tournaments ect.

A Specials page would show the specials on tee prices and/or product specials. You would need to have a link to this page on the front page prior to and during the ‘special.’ Be sure to show the dates that the special prices apply.

A Club/Association page would list and tell about the clubs that use your golf course. Knowing the available associations may the draw for some players.

A Local link page would be a courtesy to your prospective customers. Show links to businesses that provide lodging, meals, other recreation or other purposes you might think of. This page can be incorporated into the reciprocal link page listing these first. Providing local resources for your prospective customers will keep them feeling connected to your facilities.

Satisfaction: You want your customer to have an experience that will bring them back for more of your services. Your website will help do just that; while you are busy tending to other customers, doing the books or arranging that next tournament. The website is an extension of your 'customer service' and should be just as convenient to your customers as your procedures and as enjoyable as your smile.

Private Golf Course: The private golf course should make clear on the front page that it is private, public, or semi private. Although your name says “Country Club” it does not mean private as many such courses have began to offer services to the public. Some are fully open to the public while others have only their traditionally slow days open to the public (semi-private)  A statement such as, “Private Golf and Country Club is a members only golfing facility,” sends away those looking for public access golf courses. You will spend less time on the phone telling people, “We are a private course.” When you are open to the public say so, to boost the additional revenue. The semi-private course should make clear the days that are public access.
The ‘Private’ course that allows any level of public access usually does so for the added revenue. It also may be to draw more members. Whatever the reason, to draw more players to your course is a goal. Using the tips above will assist 24/7 your attempts to increase the golfers on your course.

(c) October, 2010 Roger W Hancock

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